Meteorite Ring

Meteorite Ring This ring is made of a mix of Iron and Nickel from the Meteorite Gibeon found in Namibia in 1836. The total known weight of the Meteorite was 26,000 kg.
Group: Irons
Type: Octahedrite, fine
Class: IVA
Available from sizes 3 to 14

MR-01 - $100.00
Meteorite Ring

Ring Size:

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Meteorite Pendant

Meteorite Pendant Campo Del Cielo
First documented by the early Spanish explorers in 1576 Campo del Cielo is aptly translated "Field of the Sky". The meteoritic iron was later used in making weapons for the war of independence from Spain. It is a polycrystalline, coarse octahedrite with silicate, graphite, and troilite inclusions of significant size.

Country: Argentina
Found: 1576
Group: Iron
Type: Octahedrite, coarse
Class: IA, with silicate inclusions
Total known weight: ~50,000 kg

MR-04 - $45.00
Meteorite Pendant

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