Area 51 UFO Model with Bonus Gray Figure

A 1/48 scale model kit of the alien craft allegedly hidden in Nevada by the U.S. Government. As described by eyewitness and former government physicist, Bob Lazar.

Our model is a 1/48 scale representation based on Lazar's research. Kit also includes a 1/6 scale Gray Figure, which reportedly is a facsimile of the species that flew the Area 51 UFO from the far reaches of the universe of the Earth.

AREA51 - $30.00

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Roswell UFO Model

What really happened in Roswell New Mexico in 1947? Extraterrestrial Spacecraft that allegedly crashed at 11:59 on July 4 1947. This 1/42 scale model is based on drawings forensically composite by William Louis McDonald from interviews with witnesses and from the case files of authors Captain Kevin D. Randle, USAF Reserve, and Donald R. Schmitt.

ROSWELL - $30.00

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